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Greatest Black Sitcom Halloween Specials

Posted on October 18 2019

Greatest Black Sitcom Halloween Specials

Halloween is considered by many to be one of the greatest holidays ever. In fact, it has given rise to some of the greatest entertainment of all-time! From movies and music (cue Michael's Jackson's mega-hit song "Thriller"), to TV shows and novels, Halloween has had a major impact on pop culture as we know it. 

Because we here at Souly Nostalgia are big fans of black sitcoms, we have compiled a list of our favorite Black Sitcom Halloween Specials and where to watch them!

We hope you enjoy!

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air "Hex and the Single Guy"

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 | Episode 7

Hilary drags the family to a psychic for a séance to say goodbye to Trevor. Will doesn't believe the psychic is for real and mocks him. Because of that, the psychic curses him and bad things happen later that day.

Where to Watch Full Episode Online

Philo (Subscription), Prime Video (From $0.99), YouTube (From $1.99), Google Play (From $1.99), iTunes (From $1.99), Vudu ($1.99)

2. Martin "Boo's In The House"


Season 5 | Episode 5 

En route to a Halloween party, the gang stops by to visit Martin's dream house. With special guest, Mr. T.!

Where to Watch Full Episode Online

Philo (Subscription), Prime Video (From $0.99), YouTube (From $1.99), Google Play (From $1.99), iTunes ($1.99), Vudu ($1.99)

3. Living Single "Trick or Trust"

 Season 2 | Episode 8 

When Khadijah drops by Scooter's house on an errand before the Halogen Records Halloween party, Regine discovers a fax from a woman telling Scooter how much she had enjoyed the previous night. Overton, Synclaire and Kyle hope to get a cynical Max into the Halloween spirit by scaring the "bejesus" out of her. 

Where to Watch Full Episode Online

Hulu (Subscription), Prime Video ($1.99), iTunes ($1.99), Vudu ($1.99)

4. Sister, Sister "Halloween"

Season 3 | Episode 7 

The twins nab Ray's car on Halloween to search for a party, but end up at the Canadian border and on the late-night news.

Where to Watch Full Episode Online


5. That's So Raven "Don't Have A Cow" 

That's So Raven

Season 2 | Episode 2

Raven dreams that Alana invites everyone except her and Chelsea to a Halloween party; they try to create a spell to wrangle an invitation but everything goes horribly wrong.

Where to Watch Full Episode Online

YouTube TV (Subscription), Disney Now (Subscription), iTunes ($0.99), Google Play (From $1.99), Prime Video ($1.99)

6. The Proud Family "A Hero For Halloween"

The Proud Family

Season 2 | Episode 2

It is Halloween in Wizville, and everybody seems to be in the spirit, except for Penny Proud. When Penny is forced to don a costume to serve Proud Snacks to trick-or-treaters, and then is sent off to a Halloween Party she can't get into, she casually takes a bite of her father's snacks and develops superpowers.

Where to Watch Full Episode Online

Youtube TV (Subscription), Disney Now (Subscription), Prime Video ($1.99), iTunes ($1.99), Google Play (From $1.99)

7. The Parkers "Scary Kim" 

Season 2 | Episode 7

Kim pulled pranks on Halloween on her friends. Her friends gets her back by pulling a huge prank.

Where to Watch Full Episode Online


8. Kenan and Kel "Two Heads Are Better Than None"

Season 5 | Episode 7 

The Rockmores set out on a family road trip with an uninvited Kel stashed in the trunk. While camping out in the woods, Kenan has a scary encounter with a mysterious, shadowy figure...

Where to Watch Full Episode Online 

Prime Video (NickHits Subscription or $1.99), iTunes ($0.99)


Thanks for reading!

- Souly Nostalgia

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